Kevin Kohler

Kevin Kohler stands as a beacon in the real estate industry, bringing over 15 years of multifaceted experience. A trailblazer in sustainable development, Kevin has a storied history in solar development, marked by notable projects like the first LEED platinum municipal building in Florida (Palmetto Bay City Hall) and the architecturally acclaimed Aventura Optima Plaza. His proficiency extends to the development of multiple megawatts of small-scale utility solar power plants across the Southeastern USA, demonstrating his commitment to eco-friendly initiatives.

Kevin’s real estate acumen is equally impressive, having successfully closed numerous multifamily buildings and off-market investments. His technical approach and persistent focus on overarching goals have earned him not only financial success but deep appreciation from his clients.

As a leader, Kevin embodies a philosophy of leading from the front. He believes in setting an example for his team, never asking them to undertake a task he wouldn’t do himself. This hands-on leadership style has cultivated a culture of mutual respect and dedication within his team.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Kevin is deeply invested in his community and industry. He serves as the former president and current Vice-President of the FIU Broward Alumni board, Director of KW Commercial, and the regional president for Keller Williams Young Professionals (KWYP). These roles reflect his commitment to nurturing future talent and giving back to the community.

At the heart of Kevin’s journey is a choice to embrace challenging paths, leading to rewards that transcend financial gains. His steadfast persistence and technical problem-solving skills are cornerstones of his professional identity, making him a valued and trusted figure in the real estate world.

Peter Hager

Peter Hager stands out in the commercial real estate sector as a dedicated broker known for his relentless pursuit of achieving client objectives. Peter earned a Bachelor’s in Political Science from Rutgers University, Peter began his career with notable achievements in sales by becoming an award winning top producer in a previous role at the NY Mets organization. His transition to commercial real estate was marked by a high aptitude for the field.

In his role as an acquisitions & investments specialist, Peter combines his robust sales experience with a keen understanding of the commercial markets, specializing in multifamily, hospitality, and industrial assets. His approach is client-centric, focusing on building long-term relationships and delivering tailored solutions. Peter’s success in commercial real estate is also enhanced by his entrepreneurial background, bringing valuable insights from his experience as a small business owner.

Committed to continuous learning and industry engagement, Peter actively seeks knowledge through reading, podcasts, and networking, ensuring he remains at the forefront of market trends and strategies. His community involvement further reflects his dedication to making a positive impact, participating in local initiatives and volunteer work.

His vision for the future is clear and profound. Peter aspires to enlighten as many individuals as possible about the strategic use of real estate in a fluctuating economic landscape, viewing personal wealth accumulation as a secondary, yet welcome outcome.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Peter is deeply committed to his community. His involvement with Emerge Broward in beach cleanups and a four-year commitment to the Mobile School Pantry, helping deliver nutritious food to underserved communities in Broward County, speaks volumes of his dedication.

When not immersed in the world of commercial real estate, Peter enjoys staying active, indulging in sports, and keeping abreast of political developments. His passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle is as integral to him as his professional endeavors.

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